Bananas Found On Campus

Instagram Account Features Banana Photos Submitted By Students

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  • A ripe banana and a rotten banana peel found next to each other outside the Kline Campus Center.

  • A stack of bananas found in the Kline Campus Center in which students grab for snacks and for in-between classes.

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Brooke DiCicco, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- An Instagram account made by Bridgewater College students is asking their peers to “send us your best bananas.”

Some students discard their banana peels or leftover banana pieces on campus due to the fact that they are biodegradable. As a result, there are various bananas discovered across campus.

The account called BC Bananas, which currently has 36 photos of bananas that are discovered around campus and 181 followers, started as a joke. The creators – who wished to remain anonymous – said they would go around campus with each other pointing out the various bananas found and call out, “BC Bananas.” They decided that they would create something in which they could include everyone on campus.

When they made the account, they did not expect much of a following. They believed that people would be confused or uncomfortable about the account randomly beginning to follow them. However, the account had students excited about posting found bananas since they are so common around campus. They said that the feedback they received from students was them asking “why” in a playful manner.

Freshman Dolan Nethercutt is one of the many students who found the account to be interesting once they followed him. “The first thing I saw was a picture of a banana on the ground. I saw the humor in it,” said Nethercutt.

Nethercutt frequently submits pictures of bananas to the account. “I want to add to the humor of it. There’s bananas on the ground everywhere,” said Nethercutt. He even sent in a picture of himself in a banana costume in which the page responded, “a true banana fanatic”.

The creators also stated they allow the submissions to be organic. They do not place bananas for others to find or submit as they wanted to see what others could genuinely find. Submissions from students are anywhere from bananas found on-campus itself, bananas in the Kline Campus Center, or bananas they see in their everyday lives. However, the wasting of bananas is not condoned.

“Keep the submissions coming in,” said one of the creators. They say their followers love it and they themselves enjoy it as well. They use the account as a place to “goof-off” as it resembles a meme page for students to share with each other.

Although there is fun behind it, there is still a mystery left to their followers. “I want to know who it is,” said Nethercutt. “That’s the biggest thing.”