Two Undefeated Teams Meet in the Men’s Intramural Basketball League

Both Teams Looking to Continue Unbeaten Streak

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  • After a missed shot, a player attempts to jump up and rebound the ball off the backboard. Most players take a lot of pride in these intramural games as it gives them the opportunity to show off their skills in basketball.

  • A player gets the three point shot just in the nick of time as a player almost blocks the shot. The men’s intramural basketball league has multiple games a night, three to four days a week.

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Zachary Gray, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The road to staying undefeated ran through the Funkhouser gym on Thursday, Feb. 13, as two undefeated teams in the men’s intramural basketball league hoped to end each other’s winning streaks.

Senior team captain, Trey Stephens, led his team to an 8-0 lead over senior Keshaun Rountree’s team in only the first three and a half minutes of play. Roundtree slowly brought his team back as the first half went on, and they took their first lead with 4:19 left in the half, but it was quickly regained by Stephen’s team 39 seconds later. At the end of the first half, it was only a three-point difference as Stephen’s team led Roundtree’s 29-26.

In the second half, Stephen and his team’s defense was able to stop Roundtree’s team from scoring as frequently, and their offense was able to hit the majority of their shots. As the second half continued, Stephen’s team steadily pulled further and further away, pulling the game out of reach for Roundtree’s team to make a comeback. 

Stephen’s team defeated Roundtree’s 69-45 to stay undefeated. Stephen’s team’s undefeated record comes after a season filled with obstacles, like earlier in the season when a fight broke out between two teams and caused the league to be suspended for a short amount of time. 

Since then, commissioners have implemented a new rule that players can challenge a call or missed call during the game, in hopes to overturn it.

“They added this rule to relieve some of the frustration players have when a foul isn’t called. At the end of the day, we’re all human and we don’t want to have hard feelings towards each other after the game,” said Trey Stephens. 

Unfortunately, players admit that even though this new rule has been added, it hasn’t been very effective and no one takes advantage of it. 

“I haven’t really seen a change and no one has really used it since it was put in place,” said senior Joe Caron, who was part of Stephen’s team.