First Bridgewater College Open House During COVID-19 Pandemic

Hundred Prospective Students Invited to Experience Campus Life In Person


Admissions Office

The Admissions Office announced that Open House will be on Oct. 17 with a limited number of 100 prospective students plus one guest each. The Open House will be mainly outside with four sessions going on: three at the Jopson Athletic Complex and one touring the campus.

Jackie Letaiugyang, Staff Write

Bridgewater, Va. – The Bridgewater College Admissions Office officially announced that they will be hosting an in-person Open House on Oct. 17, with a few adjustments to accommodate COVID-19 guidelines.    

Unlike open houses in the past, this semester’s open house will take place mainly outside, with a limited number of 100 prospective students. Each student is allowed to bring one person as a guest. 

“I’m sure it’s hard not to be able to bring both your parents to open house, but I feel like everyone has an understanding of the times we are living in,” said Admissions Counselor MaryBeth Killian, a former Bridgewater College student. “I’m excited to try to make it work for them and share Bridgewater with them as safe as possible.”   

During the open house, prospective students and their guests will rotate through four sessions. Three groups will separately meet at the Jopson Athletic Complex to explore academic fields, athletic opportunities and student life — while the fourth group will be touring campus.

Director of Admissions Jarret Smith uploaded a video on the admissions website on Sept. 23 that introduced the open house event. 

“The pandemic has not only altered your plans for your [college] search but it’s also altered my team’s plans for our on-campus visit programs,” said Smith. 

Smith assured the viewers that he and his team are doing a couple of things differently this year like mask-wearing and outside social distancing to ensure that everyone is safe during the open house. 

Junior Student Ambassador Alicia McCarthy said this semester’s open house is going to be even better, given the circumstances. 

“Looking back to my open house, I feel like smaller groups are better and more intimate. Students are more likely to ask more questions and engage in the sessions,” said McCarthy. 

Regarding meal time, the Admissions Office is working with Parkhurst Dining for a table to be set-up on the Jopson Athletic Complex football field that would provide snacks and drinks for the whole day.