Student Involvement in CEAT

Opportunity to Develop Leadership and Collaboration Skills


Katie Baker

An upcoming CEAT event, planned for this weekend, is a trip to Overlook Farms. Students who register for the event will be able to enjoy a corn maze, pumpkin patch and homemade apple cider donuts.

Jordan Davis, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – As Student Life works to increase student engagement and involvement on and off campus, student members are stepping up to further extend a helping hand. 

Sophomore business major Nia Stanton is a student member of CEAT, Bridgewater College’s  newest collaboration club that enhances student involvement in activities around campus. 

Since the first day students were back on campus, CEAT has been orchestrating events involving prizes, creativity and self-care to increase a sense of community between all students.

Student members’ main responsibility in CEAT is to determine the times, locations, themes, and prizes for events Student Life has developed.  

Stanton joined CEAT, previously known as Eagle Productions, as an opportunity to use her creativity to establish engaging events that allowed “all students regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religions, etc. to feel welcome, their voice matters, and a fun and relaxing break from classes,” she said. 

“Honestly, I do not even know how sometimes I manage academics, work, and extracurricular activities,” said Stanton. “However, I will say that it boils down to knowing your limits to prevent getting burnt out.” 

Stanton aspires to use the knowledge and experience gained from being in CEAT to improve on her event planning, leadership and collaboration skills. 

As midterms fade towards finals, Stanton and her CEAT members will be creating more events for students to destress from their daily schedules.  

“I would say my favorite [event] so far would be bingo if I win something,” said Stanton. “I also really enjoyed the Mandala dot painting event because it was very relaxing.”