New Class Officers Elected But Many Positions Left Vacant

Student Life Still Looking For Students Interested In Representing Their Class


Grace Kellar

Grace Kellar, President of the Class of 2021, sees the opportunity to serve as a class officer as a great chance to represent her class and make their voices heard.

Shayne Williamson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – On Oct. 29, the results of the official class officer elections for the 2020-21 academic school year were announced, albeit with a few inconsistencies. 

The election, which was conducted from Oct. 22 to Oct. 25, finished with multiple class officer positions left unfilled. 

The positions left open after the elections ended were President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Class of 2022, as well as Treasurer of the Class of 2023 and Secretary of the Class of 2024.

Ultimately, the lack of filled class officer positions came down to a lack of nominations before the election began. 

“Class elections were held in October where students had the opportunity to nominate themselves or others for a specific role. If the position did not receive any nominations, then it went unfilled in our first round of elections,” said Coordinator of Student Engagement and Leadership Sam Schlernitzauer.

While these class officer positions may currently be left unfilled, Schlernitzauer clarified that Student Life will be “planning to hold a special election cycle where students can run to fill the open positions for their specific class.” 

The dates of when the new election will be held is yet to be determined, but Schlernitzauer says that students will receive an email with more information about the process when the time comes.

Grace Kellar was elected as the president of the class of 2021. 

To Keller, being class president “means that I get to foster my love for Bridgewater College by helping the Class of 2021 have a great senior year.”

Further explaining what she hopes to accomplish in her role as a class officer, Kellar explained that she hopes to help give her class “the most I can while COVID-19 rules over our lives.” 

Keller placed an emphasis on senior class events.“Senior events are the highlight of a stressful year, and missing out on those would be devastating to our class,” said Kellar.

In her second year serving as class of 2021 president, Kellar sees her position as a great opportunity to serve her class and make her class’ voices heard, saying that any seniors can reach her via email, [email protected].