Intramural Sports Holds Basketball Free Throw and HORSE Event

The Three Participants Win T-Shirts


Zachary Gray

Brandon Waller goes in for the layup during the game of HORSE. Waller is a junior health and exercise science major who won the three point competition for most three pointers in 30 seconds.

Zachary Gray, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The intramural department at Bridgewater College held basketball competitions on Nov. 11, and three participants walked away with free t-shirts. 

Juniors Malaki Terrell, Deon Richardson and Brandon Waller all competed against each other in the Funkhouser Center in a game of H-O-R-S-E, three point and free throw competitions. 

“This is the third time hosting this kind of event, and these are the first people to show up and participate,” said senior Courtney Betts. 

Betts has taken the majority of the responsibility in running these events since the former director, Blake Shields, stepped down. 

With only three participants, the spectators felt it was a laid back event and gave them an entertaining show. At one point the three friends formed a layup circle to see who would be the first one to miss. 

“It seemed that they genuinely enjoyed themselves and they were obviously good friends and they were just out there enjoying time together,” said freshman spectator Maggie Hite. 

Terrell won the game of H-O-R-S-E, Waller made two 3-pointers to win the 3-point competition and Richardson made three free throws to beat out his friends in the free throw competition. 

The intramural department was satisfied with the turnout, especially since the first two events were unsuccessful.

“I guess most students are unaware of the events we are trying to have, but we try our best to get the word out,” said Betts. 

“I saw a sign about it in the KCC, that’s how I found out about it,” said Waller. 

“We’re going to shoot to plan something like this more regularly on Wednesdays, so maybe more students will hear about it and we can build off of the three people that came tonight,” said Betts.  

The intramural department is concerned that students are not interested in the events they are hosting, but they are also having trouble getting feedback from the students about the events they have held.