Cottages Taken Off the Market

Residence Life Makes Adjustments to On-campus Housing Options and the Selection Portal


Residence Life will be using an updated version of the “StarRez” platform for the housing process this year. The update will make housing selection smoother to navigate and user-friendly.

Katie Baker and Laraya Billups

Bridgewater, Va. – On-campus housing at Bridgewater College has seen adjustments over the last year to accomodate for Wakeman Hall renovation plans and COVID-19. An email sent to students on Feb. 16 from Residence Life revealed the latest alterations to housing — with the most prominent difference being the Cottages transitioning next year to COVID-19 quarantine space. 

The Cottages will serve as the only quarantine housing on-campus, as Daleville Hall and the Crimson Inn will transition back to an option for eligible students. Because the Cottages are now being utilized as quarantine space, gender inclusive spaces are now inconclusive until Residence Life is aware of how much space is needed.

“We will create gender inclusive housing based on how much space we need,” said Director of Residential Life and Community Standards Alex Johnson.

The majority of the changes to on-campus housing that were put in place last year will remain the same. The Stone Village apartments will continue to house six students, Daleville Hall will remain co-ed by floor and the Wakeman Hall renovation will continue to progress. 

However, Daleville Hall will no longer be solely reserved for first-year students and revert to being open for students of all years. 

In addition to housing option adjustments, the platform used to select roommates and housing locations has also been altered. The platform — “StarRez” will see an update that Johnson believes is “easier to navigate and more user friendly.” 

The housing process will officially begin on Feb. 23. “[Residence Life] is excited about getting the housing process started for next year,” said Johnson. 

As it has been completed in the past, the housing selection process will be done in phases. Phase one is when the portal will open for students to utilize, ending March 11. Phase two will include roommate selection open from March 17 until March 31.