Bridgewater College Republican Club Tries to Make the Most of COVID-19 Restrictions

Despite the Lack of In-Person Meetings, Club Leadership is Doing it’s Best to Keep Members Engaged


World Economic Forum, via Creative Commons

Members of the Republican Club were able to attend the virtual convention of the College Republican Federation of Virgina, where they listened to a speech from Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin.

Isaac Miller, Radio Manager

Mercersburg, Pa. – The restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have presented challenges for the leadership of the BC Republican Club in engaging members how they would hope to this semester, but they are making the best of the situation.

In a typical year, the club would take part in fundraisers and other activities to raise engagement both with current members and the wider campus community. This year, they have been limited to smaller events mostly made up of club members. 

During their meetings, “we’ve been following what’s going on in the news and following what’s going on with hopeful candidates for upcoming elections,” said Treasurer Jared Browne. 

Some members of the group were able to attend a virtual convention held by the College Republican Federation of Virginia on Feb. 13. Those attending the event heard a speech from Gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, who highlighted the importance of free speech on college campuses. 

Next year, the group hopes to be able to engage more on campus with the anticipated lifting of most COVID-19 restrictions. In doing so, the group hopes to be able to live up to the slogan of the College Republican Federation of Virginia — “The best party on campus.”