RA Appreciation Week

Residence Life Invites Students to Celebrate Their Resident Advisors


Keon Nesmith

RA Appreciation Week is observed from March 8 to March 12 to acknowledge the work that resident advisors do on campus. To honor their resident advisors, students can sign a flyer on their doors and leave notes to show their appreciation.

Laraya Billups, News Editor

Bridgewater, Va. – With the housing selection process in full effect, Residence Life is observing RA Appreciation Week from March 8 to March 12 to honor the resident advisors and senior resident advisors on campus. 

“This is a week in which we acknowledge the hard work that has been accomplished by RA/SRAs this year and encourage the BC community to show their support at well,” said Director of Residential Life and Community Standards Alex Johnson.

RAs are tasked with numerous responsibilities like creating community events, completing rounds of the campus to ensure campus safety and solving incidents on campus.

 During the pandemic, RAs are also in charge of being the first line of contact to Residence Life if Health Services is closed and a student is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Students can get involved in RA Appreciation Week by “taking the time to acknowledge and thank their RA/SRA,” said Johnson. 

RAs will have flyers on their door where students can sign their names and leave them a note of appreciation. Students are also encouraged to chat with their RA or SRA whenever students see them on campus. 

For senior RA Grace Fotis, being an RA is a rewarding experience that aids in the connection of the campus community.

“Being an RA on campus means being a resource and a friendly face that residents can look to answer any questions about college and also help build community,” said Fotis.