No String Lights in Dorm Rooms


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Christmas lights that require being plugged into outlets are no longer allowed in residence halls at Bridgewater College. However, LED lights are permitted.

Carla Rivera, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – In previous years, Bridgewater College students were allowed to have plug-in string Christmas lights around their room. This year, students are no longer able to have these lights, because they are a fire hazard. However, residents may have battery powered LED lights. 

LED lights are a safer alternative, because they do not produce significant amounts of heat that the electric powered lights do. The probability of LED lights causing a fire are less. 

Resident Advisor Ambria Brennan, a junior, informed students in Blue Ridge Hall at the beginning of the year that students were required to take their string lights down. Brennan was required to stand at the door and watch the students take the lights off of their walls. 

Brennan informed residents that she was “just doing her job” and expressed her feelings as she also had string lights that she took down.

“I was annoyed, because my room was cute with the lights,” said junior Taylor Shifflett. “The vibe was thrown off with this new rule, but I understand why they had to be taken down.”

With this, students who do not comply with removing their lights will be sent to student conduct, because a warning has already been issued.