Dive In with BC Swim Lessons

Swimming Lessons Help to Fund Annual Swim Team Training Trip


Stormi Nuckoles

Bridgewater College’s pool is located in Nininger Hall. The pool runs 25 meters with six rows. The deep end measures 14 feet deep and the shallow end measures four feet deep.

Stormi Nuckoles, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Beginning in March, swim lessons will be offered in Nininger Hall for Bridgewater College students and the community by Head Swimming Coach Gwynn Harrison and students on her team.  

There will be two types of lessons: private lessons and group lessons. Private lessons are one-on-one with Harrison. The cost is $25 for 30 minutes, or you can pay $100 in advance for five sessions.

The group lessons will be made of groups ranging from three to four individuals. Group lessons are provided as a one-time purchase of six sessions for $80. The groups will be determined by current swimming ability, but siblings can be paired in the same group regardless of ability.  

“We are setting these lessons up for flexibility for the participants and working specifically on what each person wants to get out of these lessons,” said Harrison. “But repetition is important as is stacking skills, so for our ‘learn to swim sessions’ and with our experience in teaching lessons, multiple sessions are needed for participants to improve in their skills. 

The sessions will be taught by a group of instructors working under Harrison. 

The payments are a form of a fundraiser for the swim teams annual training trip. The training trip happens in December over Christmas break. 

“The overload training we do during this [trip] is the foundation for our taper into our ODAC conference meet. We spend a lot of time together, are quite focused on our collective goals and make lots of great memories,” stated Harrison.

Many of the swim team find the training trip to be both beneficial and incredibly memorable.

“The training trip provided the whole team with an amazing team bonding experience and a level of intense training that would build a great athletic base for our team to go on to break a combined 20 school records at our ODAC championships,” said swim team member senior Caroline Griffin.

For parents bringing their children, they will be allowed to stay and observe the sessions. Parents are also able to drop-off their children. Additionally, locker rooms will be available for personal use.

“Swimming is an important life skill. There are so many recreational, as well as fitness opportunities, throughout life that are based on knowing how to be safe in water,” said Harrison. “We are happy to use all of our knowledge and experience in the pool to help others grow their water safety skills.”

For more information or to sign up for swim lessons, please contact Harrison [email protected].