Family Weekend on Campus

Bridgewater’s family weekend was filled with many on-campus events and tailgating


Ortez Marshman

There was a sign with treats and refreshments in the back of the FLC welcoming families and offering directions and the list of events. Many families came to take advantage of the events and spend time on campus.

Ortez Marshman, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Starting on Saturday Sept. 10, there was a season opener football game featuring family weekend that included large crowds of tailgating and other events around campus, even during the sudden rainfall that started before the game.

“We have been going to season openers tailgating for a while now, supporting our fellow Eagles on the football field,” said Bridgewater College alumni Charles Wilson. “We show up early to set up a lot of games, merchandise stands and really try to show support. Since this was family weekend, the back end zone tailgating spot has been packed.”

Alumni, staff and current students were all able to enjoy the festivities during family weekend.

“It’s special because they see a lot of their old peers and faculty during the game that they had classes with or were on the team with, and throughout the years everyone pretty much knows each other that tailgate,” said Wilson.

Family weekend on campus started with families going to the learning commons and being greeted at the door, ready to be welcomed with refreshments and other tasty snacks. 

Many students enjoyed the opportunity to have brunch with their families during the weekend.

“It was great because during the school year I don’t get to see my family very often since I am so busy throughout the week,” said junior Alex Jenson. 

Jenson decided to take his family to Smiley’s Ice Cream where all BC families were given a 10% coupon so that they could get ice cream at a discounted price. 

The tailgating area was a popular spot to find somewhere to sit and enjoy the game on Saturday. The crowd of families and friends overcrowded the bleaches to the point some people had to stand up with their food from the concessions and eat while watching the game.

“It was a struggle going to be with the team at halftime since I was in the box,” said Defensive Coordinator Gianni Gallerani. “Going from there all the way to the locker room with walkways to the field being highly congested was a struggle.”

The experiences of Bridgewater College football games have even inspired some students to attend the school. 

“Seeing all the tailgates, events and Bridgewater alumni when I used to go to the football games back when I was in high school made me want to go to Bridgewater because of the great experience.” said junior Grace Garner.