CEAT Gears Up for Homecoming Week


Kaia Richardson

With the assistance of the Office of Student Life, CEAT cultivates a sense of pride among the whole community while enriching the campus experience for all BC students.

Kaia Richardson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- CEAT is preparing for homecoming Spirit Week by organizing events and activities on the campus of Bridgewater College to help show off BC Pride among students, faculty and staff. 

What’s New?

  • CEAT is the primary source of student engagement at Bridgewater College. With the support of the Office of Student Life, CEAT enriches the campus experience for all BC students while fostering a community-wide sense of pride.
  • Every year, CEAT hosts an annual homecoming Spirit Week with a goal of building an inclusive campus community. During Homecoming week, CEAT hosts events such as spirit wear, BC’s Got Talent, recreational activities and its traditional bonfire, where we recognize athletic teams along with a glow party and fireworks. 

Why it Matters:

  • Homecomings serve to celebrate the unique shared culture of the institution and its sub-communities, commemorate the passage of time, host visitors from the community who don’t frequently engage with campus and connect or reconnect people to one another and the university.
  • “My family drives from Woodbridge, Va. every year to attend the homecoming football game,” said health and exercise science major and junior Jennifer Reyes. “I love the atmosphere BC creates when they host their football games and spirit week, and I will always cherish the moments my time was spent with them during homecoming week.”
  • Some students are excited to experience homecoming weekend for the first time this year. 
  • “Due to Covid-19, I never got to experience homecoming my freshman year and last year I was away from campus,” said elementary education major Amelia Hotchkiss. “I am very excited to partake in spirit week and enjoy the traditions my family got to do when they attended Bridgewater College. What I am most excited for is to see my friends who are now alumni that will be returning for the homecoming football game.”

What’s Ahead:

During Homecoming week, field hockey, women’s volleyball, women’s soccer,  football and men’s soccer will be hosting games along with a reception in the main dining hall for a fried foods bar for the post-game meal.