Alumni Come Home

Bridgewater College’s Alumni Return to Campus for Homecoming 2022

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  • The 2022 Homecoming festival on Oct. 22 gathered former students of Bridgewater College together. Alumni returned from the class of 1962 as well as many others.

  • Half the classes congregated on the steps of Blue Ridge Hall, while the other half gathered in front of Bowman Hall.

  • The returning alumni classes varied in size. The largest group that was in attendance was the class of 1982, consisting of 30 alumni, while the smallest class, 1952, had only one.

  • Most alumni, like the class of 1957, remained at their photo site to talk to fellow graduates after their photo had been taken.

  • Several alumni took the time to talk and joke with students, photographers and members of Alumni Relations as well. “They love when students take the photos,” said Integrated Marketing Director Nick Mohler.

  • Alumni from as far back as 1952 had returned to campus this year. Ilene Neher Smith came back to represent her graduating class.

  • Graduates from the recent Spring 2022 semester also made their return to campus during this year’s Homecoming. Katie Baker (Left), Jackie Letiaugyang (Middle), Samantha Hince (Right).

  • Alumni Relations partnered with students to take photos of Bridgewater College’s alumni. The photos taken will be a part of a physical and digital publication for alumni.

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Trey Pratt and Lamont Jones