What’s Next in CEAT? 

CEAT announces spring formal date and other upcoming events


Bethany Chidlow

CEAT members, junior Sloan Morton and senior Janae Ackerman, at the beginning of the 2023 semester with Back to School Bingo. If interested in joining the CEAT team, email advisor Sam Huyard at [email protected].

Emily Wylie, Sports Editor

Bridgewater, Va.- Bridgewater College CEAT, the event planning committee on campus, prepares for the remaining nine weeks of events for the spring semester.

What’s New? 

So far in the 2023 spring semester, CEAT has planned numerous events on campus including National Rubber Ducky Day, Back to School Bingo, the clubs and organizations fair, Lunar New Year and open mic night, along with many other events.

“I am really proud of and heard great things about the Lunar New Year event that happened in January as a partnership between the ASA and CEAT,” said CEAT advisor Sam Huyard. “They live-streamed the New Year’s celebration in China that was occurring, so students could watch it live, which I think is a really interesting opportunity. We don’t necessarily get to experience that in the States, so seeing what it looks like in China to have Lunar New Year was a good cultural learning experience for our students.”

Why it Matters? 

CEAT events are as common as a couple of times a week and include large events like Founder’s Day and the spring formal.

“I think spring has a lot of fun traditions from what we see in the fall. These are more community-building based and about being together at the end of the year,” said Huyard.

Campus events create opportunities to meet new students on campus and interact with different ideas and cultures.

“A lot of what they do is providing events, but also building relationships, and giving you something to do outside of a classroom,” said Huyard. “College is great, and you’re obviously here to get a degree, but if all you do is go to class, you’re only getting a portion of your collegiate experience.”

What’s Ahead? 

The event calendar for the spring of 2023 is packed with events like the drag show, Ernie’s egg hunt, the medallion hunt on Founder’s Day, the Holi celebration on March 11, the spring formal, spring fest and finals frenzy.

“The formal was a great way for everyone to come out, get dressed up and spend the evening with their significant other and their friends,” said fifth-year Emily Daigneault. “I have so many great memories from the formal, and it was probably my favorite event on campus last year.”

Spring formal is set to take place on April 15 during the evening. Students are encouraged to dress their best and CEAT plans to try to expand the outdoor space to adhere to the high expected number of attendees.