Bridgewater College Hosts Open House for Prospective Students


Kaia Richardson

Prospective students and parents interact with Professor of Biology Stephen Baron to gain knowledge about the department. Bridgewater College provided an engaging environment for prospective students to seek new opportunities.

Kaia Richardson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va- Bridgewater College’s admissions, ambassadors and faculty department members hosted an Open House event that is held every month for prospective students interested in Bridgewater College.  

What’s New?

  • Every month, Bridgewater College’s Admissions department organizes open house events where they give prospective students informational packets and presentations. Afterwards, they head to the Funkhouser Center where they meet representatives of different academic departments geared towards what prospective students intend to study.
  • “The academic fair held in the Funk allows for the most engagement among professors of different departments and prospective students. To have the ability to ask questions, gain tangible materials discussed about the department and to evaluate how you can see yourself on campus is an experience we try to give to students every month,” said Admissions Counselor Nathan Douglas.

Why it Matters:

  • Open houses give the opportunity for prospective students to have knowledge on what the community of Bridgewater is like and what to expect if they choose to attend the college. 
  • “One of the hardest decisions for graduating high school seniors is where they want to see themselves in four years if they decide to attend college. It is important for prospective students to engage with every aspect of any college they hope to attend. Open house not only gives insight on the community and its educational background, but it allows students to feel proud of themselves for coming this far to potentially make one of the biggest educational decisions in their lives,” said sophomore ambassador Kendra Dodrill.
  • Prospective students are able to visit the Bridgewater campus and learn about how their career interests can transfer as a major. 
  • “The interactions I have had throughout this event has helped me decide what I would like to do in my future career. I would love to be a teacher, so I intend on majoring in education or English,” said Michael Fraley, who is a senior attending James Monroe High School in West Virginia. 

What’s Ahead:

  • Bridgewater College is hosting Admitted Students Day on March 18 and April 1 for students who have already been admitted into the college.