Latinx Student Association Moves towards the Future

E-Board Elections and Increasing Engagement


Kelsey Campos

The Latinx Student Association threw their latest event on Friday, March 24: a Lotería costume party. LSA hopes to increase engagement in the 2023-24 school year and elect new officers.

Nina Andrews, Social Media Manager

Bridgewater, Va- With graduation quickly approaching, some senior leaders start to wonder what is next for their club and their members. This is no different for the Latinx Student Association, as they plan for the upcoming year. 

Senior Bailey Salcedo is president of both the Latinx Student Association and the Asian Student Association, and has his hands full trying to figure out who will take his place as president. 

“Being a part of these clubs has allowed me to enjoy my culture while I’m away from home with my family. My hope is that LSA and ASA will be safe spaces for other students to have the experience I did, and also expand upon the foundation they have to reach out to more students and create visible communities,” said Salcedo. 

When it comes to who will be in control to fulfill these responsibilities and visions, e-board elections come into play to help with the decisions. 

“For elections, each position has their own requirements, and members are able to nominate themselves for a position they feel qualified for. They must provide a justification for why they would be a good fit for that position. Having only active members vote allows us to have officers with actual merit be elected,” said Salcedo. 

LSA is a space for students with a Latin American background to come together to celebrate and share the many diverse customs and cultures of Latin America. The future of LSA lies in its younger, non-graduating members, like LSA vice president Kelsey Campos. 

“I hope for LSA to have even better engagement than we had pre-covid,” said Campos. “We have a great example of how LSA fosters community at the schools around us, and I would love for that sense of community to be at Bridgewater.”