Eagles Football Victorious Again

Eagles Continue Perfect Season Against Ferrum

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  • The stands were packed as spectators watched the Eagles dominate Ferrum in the second half.

  • Bridgewater Eagles win Homecoming game 53-10 against the Ferrum Panthers to continue their undefeated season.

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Laraya Billups, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Eagles football team celebrated another victory on Oct. 19 against Ferrum College, adding to their undefeated winning streak.

The game began on a high note as senior linebacker Deshomd Denny caught the kickoff ball and bolted through the Ferrum offense, gaining significant yardage for Bridgewater College. Senior wide receiver Trey Stephens then caught the football in the next play, awarding Bridgewater with a first down.

Demetreus Jalepes, a junior running back for Bridgewater College, gained the first points of the game four minutes into the first quarter, sliding into the left side of the endzone for a touchdown. The Eagles then pursued what would become a successful two-point conversion run by Jalepes.

The Eagles then fumbled the punt, giving the Ferrum Panthers a chance to recover the ball. After Ferrum gained possession of the ball, they scored their first and only touchdown of the game, making it 8-7 with Bridgewater in the lead.

The Eagles executed plays during the second quarter of the game. Senior quarterback Jay Scroggins launched the ball into junior wide receiver Chad Jones’ hands, delivering the second touchdown for the Eagles. After freshman wide receiver Viante Tucker’s first down, the Eagles took advantage of a field goal. The score became 18-7.

As the Ferrum Panthers punted the ball, the kick was blocked by sophomore linebacker Brett Tharp and recovered by senior defensive back Matt Dang, surprising all fans including Dang, who lost his shoe on the field.

Tucker also scored the last touchdown of the first half two minutes before halftime. Ferrum kicked a field goal, getting three more points. Fans applauded the Eagles as they ran off the field for halftime with a score of 32-10.

Once halftime ended, the Eagles came out of the locker room determined to increase the points against Ferrum.

Jalepes scored another touchdown four minutes into the third quarter. Stephens also shocked fans with his remarkable catches including one near the sideline, as well as another caught with one hand for 25 yards, and one more catch for a touchdown.

The Eagles walked off Jopson Field with a score of 53-10 against Ferrum College, celebrating yet another victory. This is a special season for Bridgewater College because it has been years since the football game has had an undefeated season.

According to Michael Clark, the head coach of the Eagles football team, the last time the team won their first six games was 2002, which was also the last complete season where the team was undefeated in the regular season.

Clark hopes to remain undefeated for the remainder of the season, but he acknowledges the team must focus on one game at a time.

“I hope the team can stay on a week-to-week focus in the final month of the season,” Clark said. “They need to keep their focus small even though there are big goals out there.”