Bridgewater College Named ODAC Champions on Saturday

Football Team Wins Championship Game against Randolph Macon

Laraya Billups, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Bridgewater College Eagles conquered the ODAC Championship against the Randolph Macon Yellow Jackets for the first time since 2005, granting them the opportunity to play in an NCAA playoff game.

Fans crowded Jopson Field on Nov. 9 to watch the game against Randolph Macon, a team previously ranked 7-1 in the ODAC. The game started slowly with neither team making any touchdowns. In fact, an offensive flag on the Bridgewater Eagles caused a 15 yard loss.

Junior running back Demetreus Jalepes received a first down for the Eagles, which led to the first touchdown for the Eagles and the first points of the championship.

Plays from the offensive line for Bridgewater resulted in more points against Randolph Macon. Chad Jones, junior wide receiver for the Bridgewater Eagles, caught the ball in the edge of the endzone, raising the score to 13-0 in the opening of the second quarter.

The second quarter began to show the determination of the Bridgewater Eagles. Quarterback Jay Scroggins gained a first down for the Eagles with six minutes left in the second quarter, leading to a touchdown caught by freshman Viante Tucker in the endzone.

After Tucker’s touchdown, the Eagles conducted a successful two-point conversion. At halftime, the Bridgewater football team left Jopson Field with 21 points over the Randolph Macon Yellow Jackets.

During the third quarter, the Yellow Jackets started to gain momentum. After blockage from the Eagles defense, Randolph Macon scored midway through the third quarter, bringing the score to 21-7 after the extra point.

In the fourth quarter, fans were on the edge of their seat when Randolph Macon scored once again in the early minutes of the quarter. Not long after,  Jalepes ran through the middle of the field, sprinting 71 yards to the endzone to reach another touchdown for the Eagles. The score became 28-13.

Randolph Macon wasn’t giving up without a fight. With nearly a minute on the clock, the Yellow Jacket offense scored in the endzone and effectively executed a two-point conversion, raising the score to 28-21.

While the Yellow Jackets did not give up, the Eagles defense were able to keep them from scoring after that. Matt Dang, senior defensive back for the Bridgewater Eagles, recovered an onside kick from Randolph Macon, sealing the championship for Bridgewater.

Bridgewater football players, as well as fans and students, sprinted onto the field to celebrate the victory. This was a monumental day for the Bridgewater football team.

Deshon Holmes, sophomore wide receiver for the Bridgewater football team, feels pride in his team for this win.

“It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had seeing all the work we’ve put in through the summer finally show,” he said.

In addition to the younger players on the team, Holmes believes the seniors on the football team deserve recognition for the championship as well.

“It was great to see the seniors in that moment,” Holmes said. “Without those guys, our success this season would be slim to none.”