BCVoice’s Fall 2019 Voices of the Week

Media Organization Members Devoted to Enriching and Educating the Community

Danielle Brooks, BCVoice Executive Director

Bridgewater, Va.- BCVoice began a new tradition this semester honoring the most noteworthy contributors at weekly meetings. These contributors introduced exceptional media, newswriting, or voices to the organization throughout the semester. 

Operating under a single, cohesive brand—BCVoice—this semester’s dedicated contributors helped transition the organization to an online platform and to exponentially grow on this new foundation.

Junior Takumi Sempai was recognized Voice of the Week on several occasions for appearances on the BCVoice Radio, podcasts and for eager news writing. Sempai provided thorough coverage about the new John Kenney Forrer Learning Commons, the Day of Caring and BC Club Women at Work’s walk to address domestic violence. Sempai is an exchange student from Soka University in Tokyo, Japan majoring in International Liberal Arts.

Junior Shaina Breeden was awarded the Voice of the Week for her in-depth investigations into Student Senate meetings, Monica Lewinsky’s discussion at the College and parking matters on campus. Breeden has also contributed to BCVoice Radio. The Communication, Technology and Culture major was recognized on multiple occasions this semester.

Jacob Haugh, junior and Communication, Technology and Culture major, was recognized for his sports articles in addition to BCVoice Radio appearances. With a series explaining “Sports for Dummies,” Haugh has established his presence as a BCVoice Radio personality in several installments.

As a junior and club participant in the organization, Raya Billups interviewed College President David Bushman and Provost Leona Sevick to unpack changes occurring on campus. In a multi-section article, Billups investigated the College’s finances, sustainability and the future of the College. Billups also covered Bridgewater Football’s historical ODAC Championship win among many other topics. Billups majors in Professional Writing and minors in Communication Studies.

Junior Dean Barker was recognized as Voice of the Week for contributions ranging from sports broadcasting to sports recap write-ups. Taking on multiple articles giving nods to the Eagles’ triumphs and defeats, Barker specializes in sports reporting. The Professional Writing major wrote over 10 articles throughout the semester updating the community on every team’s record, also reporting changes in team leadership.

A member of the sophomore class, Katie Baker, is a Voice of the Week majoring in English and minoring in Professional Writing. Baker has profiled and interviewed students and administration regarding their first generation status, research projects, new job on campus and homecoming.She also took on the position of associate news editor. 

Lexi Brown, junior majoring in Communication, Technology and Culture with a minor in Leadership, made numerous contributions to the organization’s social media pages. Brown often appears in TikTok videos on BCVoice’s Instagram and Twitter accounts to promote membership. Brown also contributed articles and podcasts on intramurals, concerts and youth voting.

Jake Smith, junior, was awarded Voice of the Week for coverage on several campus events. Majoring in Communication, Technology and Culture, Smith reported on microaggressions, the Biggest Turkey Food Drive and a new member of Student Life.

Also recognized was senior Drake Wahshon for his hosting talent of the live BCVoice Radio broadcast; junior Olivia Carson for her consistent sports coverage; and junior Sidney Beck for her thorough news coverage. All are Communication, Technology and Culture majors.

The efforts of these students–and all of the staff writers, broadcasters and podcaters–were  instrumental to the organization providing timely, accurate and informative news to the community. These members continue to hone the professionalism and integrity of the campus’ only student-run media organization every time they share their voice.