Students Begin to Move Out of Residence Halls

No “Key Changes” Will be Made to the 2020 Housing Phases

Jordan Davis, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – On March 16, students received word from President Bushman through an email that Bridgewater is formulating a plan to refund students for the portion of the residential fees that are going unused due to the closing of campus.  

A day later, on March 17, students were asked by Suzanne Mullins, director of residential and community life, to schedule when they would remove their belongings from the dorms.

According to the email, students were given a three-hour window to move out of their room through a DoodlePoll sign up list. The dates for moving out are March 21, 22, 28 and 29 as well as April 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 and 13. 

The email also says that only 10 people will be allowed in each residence building at a time, per the CDC’s stance on limiting the number of people gathering in a certain place.  

Kaia Richardson, a freshman communication, technology and culture major said, “I am a girl, which means I already have triple the amount of stuff in my room than a boy. I also do not have many family members that can help me out during this process. I was unable to move all my stuff out in the three-hour window running back and forth to storage everytime my small car was filled.”

For others, their distance from campus adds further complications.

“I’m five hours away from college,” said Diamond Huskey, a sophomore communication, technology and culture major. “Now I have to come home and try to balance online work, try to find a day in my parent’s schedule where they can leave work and help me move out and worry about this pandemic all at the same time. It is difficult.”

Students have also been waiting for more information about housing for the 2020-2021 academic year.

According to Ricky Reiss, assistant director of residence life, there are not any key changes to the housing phases because it is an online system. The online system should not cause residents to raise concerns accessing the online portal and completing each phase by the deadline. 

Currently, the Department of Student Life does not have any plans to extend housing deadlines because it is an online process, but dates may be revised if the expectations of employees on campus change within the next couple of weeks.

If residents have access to the internet and a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, “it may even be “easier” for timeslot engagement, since students will not be actively at practice, in class, etc.,” said Reiss.

If any students have specific concerns or questions, Reiss heavily encourages them to reach out to [email protected] directly to share them.