Bridgewater Athletes Quarantine Training

Keeping in Shape Physically and Mentally


Taylor Frombaugh

Assistant women’s lacrosse coach Taylor Frombaugh sent this photo to her team with a message to encourage them to keep working hard and to stay positive. Frombaugh sends messages to her team everyday after she works out to motivate them to continue to be active along with her.

Olivia Carson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – When Bridgewater College closed due to COVID-19, athletes were given access to an in-house body, weight lifting and running program by their strength and conditioning coaches and were encouraged to continue to train for their sport on their own. 

Because all public gyms are currently closed due to the pandemic, the Bridgewater Strength and Conditioning Coaches Brandon Beach and Courtney Adams came up with a workout program for the athletes that does not require any machines or equipment that would be found in a gym. 

“Since most all of the gyms in the area have closed, we have really had to brainstorm and get creative in order to keep our athletes healthy and progressing,” said Adams. “Much of their traditional weight room training has shifted to workouts that everyone could complete in their living room.”

Adams said that cans of tomatoes can be used for resistance training and “couches and coffee tables instead of using benches and boxes.”

Staying Focused

Michael Clark, Bridgewater’s head football coach, expressed that this has been a difficult time for athletes to stay motivated and believes it is very important to stay connected with the athletes as well as encourage them to stay connected with each other.

“They are still on a team and a part of something bigger than themselves,” said Clark.

Clark said he is communicating with his athletes on a weekly basis to keep them on track and to help them stay positive. He especially wants them to focus on succeeding in their online classes and to get through this month before they start thinking about preparing for their upcoming fall season. 

“As disappointing as shortened or canceled seasons can be, all we can do is prepare for the next one,” said Adams. “I have advised my athletes to take that frustration, channel it, and put it towards their training and preparation for their next season.”

Staying Connected

Taylor Frombaugh, assistant women’s lacrosse coach, said that her team is staying connected and sharing stories and experiences through GroupMe and Zoom.

“We have been sending photos or videos of us working out daily to keep all of us motivated,” said Frombaugh. “Some examples include: family bike rides, pictures of the body weight circuits, hikes, wall ball workouts or walks around a neighborhood.”

Freshman defender for the women’s lacrosse and field hockey teams Kelli Mullen said she has been running and working out everyday, as well as walking and biking with her family to stay active during this time.

Mullen was encouraged by her field hockey coach Allyson Kenyon to “continue to stay in shape and keep a stick in our hands to prepare ourselves for the next season.”

Staying Positive

An overall goal of all Bridgewater athletes and coaches right now is to stay positive and stay connected.

“My advice and encouragement to all of you is to stay consistent, don’t lose sight of the end goal and never be afraid of hard work…we are all in this together; so use and lean on your fellow teammates as a resource to help them and yourself to stay focused and accountable,” said Frombaugh.

Adams put the shelter-in-place situation into a positive perspective by “hoping this break allows for our athletes’ bodies to recover more than they would have otherwise. Without the stress of games and non-traditional season training, lingering and nagging injuries should have time to heal, putting us in a better place than we were before the break.”