Bridgewater Athletics Schedule Preview

Number of Games Altered in Sports Schedule Due to Pandemic

Leyton Pullin, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Old Dominion Athletic Conference’s pandemic shortened season is beginning to take shape. The proposed schedules awaiting approval from the Presidents Board will allow for teams to play 60% of their originally scheduled dates. 

“For us this means we should get to play twelve matches in the spring,” said Head Tennis Coach Jordon Robinson. He explained that usually the teams get 20 dates to work with that are spread out through the fall and spring. 

All of these dates would be against ODAC opponents. This would mean that Coach Clark and the football team will play a six game all-ODAC schedule.

This does not align with the earlier report that the basketball schedules would be 12 games long compared to their normal 16 game ODAC schedule. By that number, basketball would be set to play 75% of their schedule compared to the 60% set for every other sport. 

These are the only specifics that have been released at time of writing.