Bridgewater Coffee Introduces Coffee Shack


Bailey Fulk

Bridgewater Coffee plans to open an outdoor coffee shack outside of their building by the first of the year. They plan for it to be a walk-up system for customers who want quick service and are active in the running and biking community.

Bailey Fulk, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Bridgewater Coffee has plans of creating an outdoor walk up coffee shack on the property by the first of the year, allowing for more on the go service and options.

What’s New?

The coffee shop is working on creating a coffee shack in the parking lot in front of their business. It’s intended for customers who are on the go and are short on time, so it gives them the option to quickly purchase their food and go.

“The world is not really slowing down, it’s going faster,” said owner of Bridgewater Coffee, Jenna Matthews. “Grab and go is consistently the go-to for a lot of busy people. We don’t want to forget about the community of runners and walkers because they play a big part in our customer base.”

Why it Matters

Many of Bridgewater Coffee’s customers participate in outdoor activities, so creating a system where they can get their food without having to go inside the building is important to them. They can walk up and be on their way rather than going inside and sitting in the lounge area.

“I go to the gym just down the street from the coffee shop, so sometimes I’ll stop by and get something to drink after I work out,” said community member Paige Eavers. “Sometimes I enjoy staying at the shop and doing work, but other times I have to be in and out.”

What’s Ahead?

Bridgewater Coffee also has plans of creating a drive thru. Due to town regulations and space issues, this idea has been put on the back burner, but is still a future project for the business.