D3 Supports D1


Emily Wylie

John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville on Friday, Nov. 11, as UVA took on Monmouth University in their second game of the season. UVA destroyed Monmouth with a final score of 89-42.

Emily Wylie, Sports Editor

Bridgewater, Va.- Along with the winter sports season, D1 basketball is back in full swing in the Shenandoah Valley. Bridgewater College students support different valley D1 programs like Virginia Tech, University of Virginia and James Madison University.

What’s New?

  • UVA, JMU and Virginia Tech kicked off their basketball season this month with tough competition ahead of them. All three teams won their first two games and hold a record of 2-0. 
  • “My favorite D1 basketball team in the valley is JMU,” said junior Collin Zirk. “As a kid, I would always go to the games and I think that is why they are my favorite. I also enjoy the environment of the new stadium they just built. I try to go a couple of times a month, and I watch about two to three games a week,” said Zirk.  

Why it Matters?

  • D1 athletics are the most competitive and intense in college standing, with potential chances to enter the professional field. D1 schools also have an average of 8,763 students in attendance, roughly 6,000 more than D2 and 7,000 more than D3. 
  • “The D1 school athletics atmosphere is a lot different from D3 because of how big the student body is and how popular D1 athletics are,” said senior VT-supporter Emma Nesselrodt. “The student sections at games are a lot more involved with what’s happening, and the crowds and celebrations throughout game days are filled with so much excitement and electricity.” 

What’s Ahead?

  • UVA, VT and JMU all take on new competition this week and will go head-to-head this season with one another. Rivals Virginia Tech and UVA will compete twice in the 2022-23 season. 
  • “UVA is my favorite because it is who my dad liked, and I grew up liking them and wanting to follow in his footsteps,” said senior Noah Hughes. “I enjoy watching them play because the players play with respect, and they are a defensive-minded team that is not trying to be flashy, which is what I love. I watch UVA every game I can on TV, and usually about one or two times in person every year.”
  • Tickets for D1 basketball games can run as low as $3, allowing for a cost-effective way to support athletics in Shenandoah Valley.