Bridgewater Women’s Lacrosse Dominates Virginia Wesleyan

Eagles defeat the Marlins 18-7 during a home game

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  • The Eagles line up to take a moment of silence for Morgan’s Message. Morgan’s Message is a non-profit campaign that normalizes mental health awareness in student athletics.

  • The Bridgewater Eagles line up to cheer on their fellow teammates who would be starting in the game. The Bridgewater versus Virginia Wesleyan final score was 18-7, with the Eagles on top.

  • Senior Maddy Magill got the ball in the face off of the game. Magill then went on to score a total of three goals during the entirety of the game.

  • Junior Kaity Petersheim ran to attempt a goal against the Marlins. Petersheim scored two goals and had two assists throughout the game.

  • Junior Lauren Roberts scored four goals throughout the game. The Eagles had 20 turnovers during the competition.

  • The Eagles defense worked hard to ensure that the Marlins did not score in the net. Sophomore goalie, Rachel Robinson had seven saves during the match.

  • Rachel Robinson stopped seven goals from the Marlins. Robinson’s saved goal percentage was .500% on the day.

  • Sophomore Julia Frick runs with the ball to the net in an attempt to make a goal against the Marlins. Frick’s position on the team is defense.

  • The team has a meeting with head coach Ashley Hughes. Hughes has been the head coach for the Eagles since the year 2021.

  • The Eagles spring towards the goal to help the team attain 18 points against the Marlins. The Eagles will return to action on April 12 at 7p.m. at Randolph-Macon.

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Melia Ross, Staff Writer