Bird Scooters Fly Through Trial

Town Likely to Keep the Bird Scooters on a More Permanent Basis


Katie Baker

Bridgewater College students have been a primary user of the Bird scooters since their arrival on Sept. 14. “The scooters are nice, but can be a little pricey,” said senior Jake Smith.

Katie Baker, Editor in Chief

Bridgewater, Va. – Since their arrival on Sept. 14, Bird scooters have been on the streets of Bridgewater and scattered throughout campus for a trial run. 

Throughout this trial, the primary users of the scooters have been “Bridgewater College students and local teenagers,” said Assistant Town Manager for Administration Alex Wilmer. 

“I have been using the scooters pretty frequently, especially if I am late to class or coming back from work late,” said senior Jake Smith. 

Wilmer explained that the town does not have a date for when the trial will end or any information on the status of the trial. 

“The long-term decision for scooters will rest mainly with Bird,” said Wilmer. 

The town’s key goal for the scooters is that they would promote an increase in the volume of customers at local businesses. According to Wilmer, “scooters parked near some Main Street businesses” signifies that the desired goal may be coming to fruition. 

There has been no resistance to Bird establishing their company in Bridgewater from town administration, residents or business owners. 

“At this point, the Town has no objection to Bird being in Town,” said Wilmer. 

The final decision on the presence of Bird scooters in Bridgewater will be made based on the usage of the scooters.