Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps Providing Free Clinic in Harrisonburg

RAM Reaches Out for Student Volunteers


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RAM offers several free clinics throughout the country to help those without insurance get medical help. The Rockingham County Fairgrounds will be holding a clinic on April 10-11 for those in the Harrisonburg area.

Molly Lynch, Staff Writer

Stafford, Va.  – The Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps (RAM) will be holding a clinic at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on April 10 and 11. This nonprofit organization offers free pop-up clinics for those in need throughout the country. 

RAM clinics offer dental, vision and other medical services to those that do not have medical insurance. 

According to RAM’s website, the organization’s mission is to “prevent pain and alleviate suffering by providing free, quality healthcare to those in need.” 

The upcoming clinic in Harrisonburg is looking for student volunteers to help. The volunteers will help by escorting patients, registering patients and helping patients park. Therefore, no prior medical experience is needed. 

 Director of Community Engagement and Sustainability Teshome Molalenge is helping to connect BC students to several volunteer opportunities — including the RAM clinic.

“We serve as a central point of contact for community engagement programs on campus. Our mission is to provide students with community engagement services and with learning and volunteer opportunities in our community that enhance their ability to master core skills,” said Molalenge.

Previous opportunities for students to get involved with RAM were delayed due to COVID-19, but now RAM is offering more opportunities to help people in need of health care. 

With the threat of COVID-19, RAM is ensuring the safety of patients and volunteers through,“temperature checks, CDC screening questions, crowd control at the entrance of the clinic and throughout the building, social distancing, mask requirements, and limited waiting inside the building,” states the RAM website. 

“This is the third time we are doing the RAM clinic. Last year because of COVID-19, we didn’t do it and the year before, we had 11 volunteers. The school also provides transportation for students to utilize if they are not able to find means of personal transportation,” said Molalenge.

According to the Rockingham County Fairgrounds website, “… each clinic will open its parking lot area at 12 a.m. with numbered tickets being distributed at 3 a.m. Clinic doors open at 6 a.m.” RAM clinics operate on a first come, first serve basis. 

Students have to register to volunteer for this event on RAM’s volunteer section on their website. Students can also visit the Campus Community Engagement website to find more opportunities to help volunteer and be a part of their community.