Series of Break-ins at Local Cafe Under Investigation


Sugar and Bean Facebook Page

The repeated burglaries at Sugar and Bean Cafe on Main Street in the midst of Bridgewater College earning safety rankings.

Tyler Tabor, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – On Saturday, Nov. 13, there was a break-in at Sugar and Bean Cafe in the Town of Bridgewater, Va. Police have started an investigation into this incident, but have yet to find a suspect. According to WHSV, break-ins at Sugar and Bean have happened twice over in September. 

Since their opening, a month before Covid-19 struck, Sugar and Bean has had a range of challenges from the worker shortage to three burglaries. Recently, the cafe had to reduce their hours due to the global labor shortage

“Bridgewater is said to be so safe but incidents like this make me question that. I’m truly disappointed,” said senior Amaya Smith. 

Bridgewater is 80% below the Virginia average in crime rates and 85% nationally, making this a rare case. Bridgewater College was also named the safest campus in Virginia according to Safeatlast.

“This really makes me feel uneasy. I normally work the night shift and often find myself alone. I really hope this ends soon,” said Smitty’s Cafe employee Carina Troshin. 

The Town of Bridgewater Police will continue to investigate and have asked for any information regarding the case to be reported to 540-828-2611.